Scottish Music and Weather Visit Lancaster

This week, C and I had to travel out of Lancaster and spend several days in our old stomping grounds of Connecticut. Enjoying the company of friends, family, and research participants up in New England, we had time only for an abbreviated adventure when we finally did return home. Fortunately, Lancaster was very accommodating and provided us with an entertaining option: the summer concert series at Longs Park Amphitheater.


An 80-acre park in the north of the city, Longs Park hosts a number of free events during the year, including this free concert series. In action for the night was Daimh, a Gaelic band straight from the Scottish Highlands. Excitedly, C, Penelope, and myself journeyed out and plopped ourselves on a blanket to enjoy the show. A strong crowd was out on the lawn leading up to the performance…that is, until the clouds turned gray, the winds picked up, and the heavens opened!

Many scattered for their cars, while others held steadfast and toughed it out on the lawn. We huddled under the sole umbrella that we brought. Penelope huddled most aggressively, bravely squirming her way both between and under us.


Fortunately, the downpour was brief, and our intrepid canine eventually peered out to let us know that the coast was clear!


Now with clear skies, the band took the stage! The four musicians had a rotating cast of instruments, including guitar, bagpipe, accordion, fiddle, and mandoline, and were occasionally joined onstage by a singer, Ellen MacDonald. Although she sang her songs in Gaelic, she was kind enough to explain them beforehand. Unfortunately, what we learned from her song descriptions was that living in Scotland is terribly depressing and primarily involves lamenting about the youth you cannot return to, the fiance that has left you for another woman, and having your children die.

Nevertheless, they did bust out the occasional peppy song as well! As a taste of our experience, enjoy:





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